CIO Utilities Summit Europe Resource Center


Actuate Performance Management for Utilities How is your utility performing, why, and what should you do about it? See how BIRT Performance Scorecard will become an indispensable tool for your utility.

Cyber Security and Electric Utility Communications This paper will provide a general introduction to the NERC CIP Standards and the NIST Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security. It will also summarize the relevance of the NERC CIP standards to communications systems utilized by electric utilities in general with emphasis on MW radio.

Eclipse Packet Node Eclipse Packet Node uniquely combines high speed native IP transport with advanced convergence features, providing operators with an 'LTE-ready' solution that also supports a smooth transition from their existing network infrastructure.

Utilities Industry Pitney Bowes Business Insight's solutions help utility providers manage assets, improve operational efficiency, minimize risk and offer customers/constituents the services they demand at the best value.

Customer Communication Management At Pitney Bowes Business Insight, we understand the importance of timely and effective communications. Our Customer Communication Management solution will drastically and fundamentally change the way you communicate with customers.

AlertEnterprise Smart Grid Security AlertEnterprise delivers a software solution that works with existing enterprise applications, operational systems, control systems and physical access control systems to deliver a total security application for the smart grid.

The Top Three Most Violated NERC-CIP Standards AlertEnterprise, Inc. works closely with companies across the utility spectrum to address and resolve all areas of NERC CIP compliance. Our objective in this paper is to increase awareness of three most violated NERC CIP standards and the one step you can take to effectively avoid blame as part of NERC's Most Wanted.

Smart Grid IT Risks Drive Need for Cross-Industry Tech Expertise As utilities begin to initiate IT efforts for support of Smart Grid, there is no substitute for experience. Though Smart Grid technology is new and different, utilities can quickly achieve benefits through effective IT program management based on mature methods.

Smart Grid Introduces Big Risks to Meter-to-Cash Processes There are four main risk areas that Smart Grid's complex meter-to-cash processes exacerbate which utilities ought to address proactively.

How Does Forecasting Enhance Smart Grid Benefits? Every industry - including the energy and utilities sector - is still reeling from the impact of a global recession. Deploying the technologies to address challenges, and ultimately transforming utilities from the inside out, requires insight and foresight.

Improving Utilities Collections Through Predictive Analytics Identifying and predicting the conditions when a customer may have trouble paying their bills and then developing plans for helping those customers keep their accounts current is a real necessity.